Nature provides, Wales provides

I'm a hugely keen forager and have spent many years building up contacts with farmers local to the places I cherished as a young boy growing up in rural Wales.
Foraging and food

From the humble acorn to the very best mountain lamb and the old forgotten herbs that time and most people have forgotten, there is so much we can take from the land in a totally sustainable way. I make it my goal to keep the traditional ways and values alive.

This beautiful area of Wales has so much to offer:
  • From prime Welsh cattle in the meadows to the pristine wild mushrooms of our forests.
  • The best line caught fish from around the Welsh coast.
  • Superb oysters in our estuaries, seaweeds and sea vegetables from our shores.
Everything we need is around us, we've just forgotten that it's there.
I love foraging...
It's food for free!

I'm always excited when I come across a new place to forage. A woodland, a meadow, a hedgerow, a cove. All are like treasure troves with fine food the prize.

Chef Matt Powell can be contacted on 07515 380 169. For security, we only supply our address to our customers.
Terms and conditions

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