My passion for food
My passion for Wales

I was born in Wales and have always had a passion for food and cooking.

I've always wanted to cook so as soon as I was able, I left school and moved away to learn my craft. I've had the privilege of working at some of the finest haute cuisine restaurants in the UK, Europe and Ireland.

Matt Powell

Learning about wild plants and food came naturally at a young age. I was taught by my late grandparents who picked berries and grew their own vegetables. Food has always been a huge part of my family life. Working closely with the seasons (and almost completely in tune with Mother Nature) means I have an understanding of, and respect for, everything nature can provide.

Influenced and inspired by my Welsh heritage

I'm proud of being able to study and look closely at Wales' past - from the tales in the Mabinogion of the lady of the lake and the teachings of herb lore to her son Rhiwallon. The magical charm of foraging and wild herbs combined with the spiritual calm I experience while out in the countryside influences my cuisine greatly. I love the folk lore and the use of wild herbs as medicine by the physicians of Myddfai in the middle ages.


My tireless passion
for foraging...

I believe passionately that great cuisine comes from understanding and using good, natural ingredients, particularly wild herbs. It's important for me to have that connection with the land.

Chef Matt Powell can be contacted on 07515 380 169. For security, we only supply our address to our customers.
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